Pharmaceutical Formulations

Gastric preparation

Sr. No. Brand Name Product Name Volume Form
1 Metoclopramide Metoclopramide injection 2 ml Injectable
2 Raninir Ranitidine Injection 2 ml Injectable
3 Rabnir-Dm Rebeprazole 20mg,Domperidone 10mg(Alu-Alu) 20 mg Tablet
4 Pentonir-40 Panto. 40mg.  (Alu-Alu) 40 mg Tablet
5 Misonir kit Misoprostol-200mg(Mono-Corton) +Mifepristone 200 mg  200 mg Tablet
6 Pentonir-DM Panto.  40mg, Dome. 10mg. (Alu-Alu) 40 mg Tablet
7 Nirdom-DT Domperidone-10mg-DT 10 mg Tablet
8 Raninir-Dm Ranitidine 150mg,Domperidone 10mg tab 150 mg Tablet
9 Nirspas-D Ranitidine,Dicyclomine,clingium bromide   Tablet
10 Omnir Omeprazole-20mg 20 mg capsule
11 Omnir-DM Omep.-20mg, Dom.10mg 20 mg capsule
12 Rabnir-DSR Rabiprazole20mg,Domperidone20mg,Dompe-10mg-SR(Alu-Alu)Monocarton 20 mg capsule
13 Tramonir-cap Tramadol    capsule
14 Grownir Cyproheptadine  HCl  2mg 200 ml Liquid
15 Nirgene(Pink) Mg(OH)2. 185mg., Simethicone 50mg., Na carboxymethylecellulose 100mg., Dride Al(OH)3 gel 830mg. 170 ml Liquid
16 Domnir Domperidone  - 1mg 30 ml Pediatric drop
17 Pantanir-IV Pentaprazole 40mg 10ml vial Injectable
18 Nirlife"s Soda Bicarbonate Soda Bicarbonate 10mlamp Injectable
19 Ulsonir mouth ulcer gel 10gm Ointment

USP – United States Pharmacopoeia, BP – British Pharmacopoeia, CP – Chinese Pharmacopoeia,
EP – European Pharmacopoeia, JP – Japanese Pharmacopoeia, ***

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